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I thought I'd post in here first to see if anyone is interested before I post it too ebay. This is for one of the limited edition Trevor Brown 'Rubber Doll' art books. It is number 79 out of only 500 copies in the world. This is different to the paper back version in that the limited edition on has a special rubber cover & ornamental chain from it with a caprive bead & hoop ring on. http://www.akatako.net/japanese-art/trevor-brown-rubber-doll-limited-edition See here for more details on the books & a pic of it (my cam isn't playing ball atm) Whilst mine is in no means a factory sealed mint copy of it that's never been touched or anything it is still in brilliant conditon with no damage to inner pages or marks... only some slight marks o the back of the book at the top, which funnily enough were caused by wear the decorative ring/chain bit was layed under it. Other than this it is perfect. I'm open to reasonable offer please :) Will post it world wide & I take pay-pal xxx

To see please go here...


& if you want anything but are not a member of the niceboots thing just comment me here :)

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23 January 2009 @ 04:06 am

To neglect the body for a mind...
To be choked slowly by the hands of time...
To be sick of the noise
whilst in a silent room...
To watch the entire journey across the clouds
of the ivory moon.
To see the sun's light
before its even reached the sky...
To watch each passing hour
take 60 seconds to die.
To shut these eyes
But not shut down...
To toss & turn
as thoughts run round.
To think pure insanity
To hallucinate & create constantly..
Day out, Night In.

...This Coma it is deadly sweet...
I forever dream...But never sleep...
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16 January 2009 @ 06:59 pm


So, I've finally finished this epic piece of digital art. O. MY. GOD!!!! *collapses*
I dare not think about how many hours work this has been haha. Bonnie I never want to see your blue face again I'm sick of looking at it ;P (Just kidding, love you really!)
At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this piece or not, but now it's all done & come together (nearly) as I originally envisioned; I'm very pleased with the results ^_^ so yay!
Thank you to Bonnie for being such a awesome muse & for being so patient in waiting for this to be finished (we shot it months ago!) & thank you to Sam for helping out with the shoot too *hugs*.

This piece was collaboration between me & Bonnie where we were both inspired by the Hindu Goddess Kali (obviously). We wanted to do a modern take on her image & also relate it to Bonnie personally as opposed to just a direct depiction of Kali herself.
The name Kali derives from the Sanskrit word 'Kal' meaning 'time' so we wanted to create an image that conveyed this. We decided on a theme of using 6 different objects to be held in the multiple arms that represented the passage of time from birth to death & which also symbolised life & death in general. We chose a (live) snake, flower, egg, heart, (dead) crow & skull.
We were fascinated with using Kali's image for this project because both me & Bonnie both have a interest in this deity & we liked how she also tied in with the themes of a divine mother figure (Kali ma) & dead animals (Kali is said to carry away the spirits of slain animals). People who know Bonnie will know that she does taxidermy as a pastime; so all of this linked together nicely to create a personal piece for us both.

I'm looking forward to 09 being a bit less manic than 08 & having more time for art & projects... So whilst I'm in no hurry to tackle any photo project that requires this much shopping any time soon, I am looking forward to doing more photo projects in general that I've had on the back burner for ages. So many ideas, so little time.

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18 July 2008 @ 10:32 pm
So yesterday I was really bored & decided to stab myself up & take pics...as you do. Mmmmm for play piercing, Great fun but rather addictive!
I'm quite pleased with these pics & want to do a lot more around this theme...any volunteers? As I don't want to just self-shoot... O Bonnie my awesome photography muse; I know you'd be up for it so this applies to you lol ^ _ ^ Will be fun!

Anyhoooo enjoy:

I'm currently trying to finish a lot of half done art but I'm finding it hard to be motivated as I feel in a bit of a rut & all arghhhh about living here etc...It kind of leaves me in a state of having all these ideas but then not being able to physically apply myself & get on with it -_- it's annoying the hell out of me! Guess I'll just have to force myself & then hopefully it should all flow a bit smoother from there.
I have lots of things to update about life etc blah blah but cannae be arsed....so maybe another time :P
Other then that I am ill atm which is shit as wanted to go out tonight to see David play @ queen charlotte with Leech Women & Animal Dying Sounds...grrrr fucking stomach! Not pleased >_<


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17 July 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Hi guys! After a much needed sort out of my wardrobes I’ve decided to sell a few of things as I do not get the use out of them & I also need some £££ for my car insurance.
I’ve got shoes, latex, tops, skirts & accessories here so have a browse & see if anything takes your fancy.
I’ve added pics & as much info as possible for all the things I’m selling & I’ve also stated the amount I’d like for them…but feel free to make me offers as I might be happy to go lower for some things, plus I love to haggle! :P
It’s first come first served so if you spot a bargain grab it quick & message me.
I will accept payment via personal cheque or postal order (U.K Only) Or by pay-pal. I have not included postages costs but I can let you know what they’d be…I’m happy to ship worldwide for any of these items.

Here goes….

These two bags are really cute ^_^ Been used but in good condition still…happy to sell the pair for £25.00 or the small clutch one for £10.00 & the larger for £15.00 if you want them separate.

I adore these shoes! But alas, they do not fit me >_< never worn & still in the box…I am a uk size 7 shoe but sometimes in heels need an 8. They are just a bit to big so would best suit an actual u.k size 8. Totally covered in sparkly sequins. Fabulous!
Would like £25.00 please.

These are in mint condition & still with their box. Gorgeous shoes with wonderful detail…very rare & hard to get hold of now. They have been worn indoors on clean floors 3 times in total for photoshoots so they are good as new.
A little bit loose on me but will fit a u.k large 7 or an 8.
After £60 for these little beauties!

I bought these ages ago but have only ever worn them out 2 times as I’m not that into the whole cyber look (Don’t think it suits me :P) They look awesome in high bunches & consist of rexlace, foam & cyberlox… nice falls!
After £25.00 please.

Nice pvc Underbust corset by ‘sacrifice’ it’s 22 inches when closed. Looks great on with nice little buckle details down the sides. Love this but again do not get the wear out of it. It great condition as really worn very few times.
Would like £35 please.

These will fit anyone as material streches…hardly worn & very nice looking/comfy to wear when on…buckles all the way down & holes for thumbs.
£10 please.

Well what can I say about this jacket except…I LOVE IT!!!! Do not want to sell but need the money & I do not wear it as much as it deserves. It’s in great condition & has lots of features like bondage straps that can be worn on or off the arms, zip up pockets & the choice to button or zip up the front. Looks baggy & nicely over sized on me (I am u.k 8/10) But will look a good fit on a 10 or 12 uk & should also fit tight on a uk 14.
I’m looking for £40 please.

This is a sexy jacket that I really do not get to wear out ever anymore -_- Black pvc with white/black fleck fur trim. It’s a u.k size 12 but easily fits a little looser on a u.k size 10 & would also fit tight on a u.k size 14.
Looking for £30 for this one.

^_^ This dress is so cute! Black & purple with awesome & full puff sleeves…you look like a doll on this & it’s a unique piece as vintage. It fits a u.k 10 fine but will also fit a uk 8 no probs. Would make a stunning addition to any gothic or sweet lolita’s wardrobe.
Looking for £20 please.


This was one of my fave dresses but I just do not get to wear it much now so it needs a good home. It’s very cute of fetish dolly like with lace trim & o ring bondage strap detail on the back. This is a size small so would fit a uk size 8,10 or 12 fine as has a bit of stretch/lacing. In mint condition.
Would like £30 for this please as it was very pricey new.

Kawaii skirt by ‘omen’ hard to get hold of now but it’s really cute & kitsch! Great addition to any wardrobe whether your loli-goth, scene or emo :P
This is size small & I find it tight on my size 10/12 ass (my ass is 40” around!) So it will best fit a small size 10 or perfectly fit a uk size 6/8.
£15.00 please!

I do like this skirt but it does not fit me at all! The label says size uk 12 but I can not fit into it… really needs to be a small uk 10 or 8 for this one.
Only want £10 quid :P

This is too short for me hahah…yeah I don’t have the guts to wear it out as I’m not the sort of person a tu-tu suits…shame as it is really cute! Free size with elastice stretch so should fit anyone…but trust me…pople will see your ass cheeks in this one!
£10 please.

These look great under skirts! Strechy so will fit most sizes 8-14 uk fine. I just do not get to wear these anymore but I used to <3 them.
£8.00 please.

These skirts kick ass but I just do not wear them anymore…Looking to sell as a pair for the bargin price of £14.00 or separate for £7.00 each.
Strectchy so again will fit u.k size 8-14. Look great alone for a sexy ‘you can see my ass!’ look or can be worn under other skirts.

Nice little skirt by ‘paze’ hardly worn. Black pvc with white fur trim a nice size 10uk or should fit an 8uk or a very tight fit on 12…has some stretch… I can still get it on but it’s tight.
£8.00 please

This top is nice but I never wear it…it’s a uk size 8 but easily will fit a size 10 (tightly) or even a 6. Should also accommodate for some tits…fits me fine & I don’t have any but I’d imagine you’d be ok unless you’re getting into a larger size C description. Prob best for A & B cup.
£10 please.

Mmmmm this top is the sex! Don’t want to sell but I just never wear it -_-
Hard to get hold of lip service top from their ‘fetish’ line & in mint condition.
It’s got lovely detail & looks amazing. It’s a size small & will easily fit u.k 8 or 10…has padding in the bust area…a tiny bit loose on my non existent boobs but still ok to wear out… if you have more then me you’ll be fine though ;P
Would like £25 for this please.

This S.DL top is ultra rare & hard to find now, This one is in great condition…it’s an amazing & sexy clubbing top that shows off the upper arms & midriff section. U.V pink with fine black mesh over top. It’s got solid pink pipping detail & also the little folds that hang down from the open arm section. This top rocks!... shame I don’t wear pink anymore >_< This sop has stetch so will fit a u.k size 8,10 or 12 no probs.
Wanting £25 please

This is a great top to wear alone or over others ^_^ in great condtion & needing rid off just ‘cos not my colours lol. Will fit a u.k size 8,10 or 12
Would like £15 please.


This hood is the sex!!! Don’t want to part with it but need the £££ T_T (DAMN CAR!) It’s a lovely natural yellowish/transparent colour latex with black detailing.
It’s also got little hoops in the back where you can have the option to lace it up over the zip to do it up tighter or just for the aesthetic appeal. Feels amazing on & I’ve only worn it 3 times, it’s as good as new with no marks or anything…perfect condition! Best fit a size 20-22’’ forehead (measure around forehead) I suppose it’s a women’s one but don’t see why it can’t be unisex.
I would like £50 for this please.

This outfit is super cute & sexy… The bra has superb chequered detailing & it’s very well made… hardly worn & in good condition. The skirt is a size small so will fit a u.k 8-10 & the bra would also fit a 8-12 uk… by non existent boobs are still fine in it but should be able to get an A,B OR C cup to fit no probs…
Would sell this as a set for £60 or the bra for £35 & skirt £25 if you want them separate.

This is too big for me so never worn…It’s a lovely heavy duty latex open hood with black/purple ponytail. I’d say this is better suited to a larger sized women’s head/face or a man. Size 22.5-25’’ forehead.
Looking for £26

These pants are yummy but I never wear them so they need to go to someone who will. Worn about 2 times or so for photos & that’s it... perfect condtion.
Red ¾ length pants with turn up details & stars on the ass (back pictured)
After £45


This dress is beautiful but I need to sell as I need to pay the bills >_< I’m letting it go for a steal as it wasn’t new or perfect when I bought it (Was previously owned by the model ‘Ulorin Vex’. It has been used for photoshoots & been worn out a few times now…there are a few marks on the dress (might be able to remove them) & one of the hearts needs a bit of regluing on which should be easy to do. It’s a very figure flattering & sexy dress with open cups so would fit any size boobs. The dress obviously has some stretch being latex so will easily fit a 8-10 uk size but a size 12 would have no probs either. This costs £170 new…but as it’s got a few marks & damage plus previously owned I’m only asking for £75.00 which is a total bargain!

This has only been worn once for photos…it is so hot! If I got to wear it more I’d not be selling it…but I’m sure someone out there will find more use of of it then me.
Really well made from transparent green latex with inflatable boobs & zip up back/crotch area… it’s a full body catsuit & I can’t begin to describe how good this feels on mmmmm. Slinkyskin are amazing designers of inflatable/bizarre latex clothing & all their garments are made with much care & detail.
This suit would best fit a size 10uk though should also fit a 12’’…my ass is 40’’ around & I did have a tight fit & had to lube up to get into this…so if your ass is any bigger then this around I’d say it would not fit…any smaller though 7 you’ll be fine. Also room for boobs even with the fake inflatable ones :P
This piece is in perfect condition so I would be looking for £120 for it… (it cost me £175 new)

This wig is amazing! Really OTT white drag queen wig…great for photos or to wear out on the town. It’s only been worn a handful of times by myself for pics (not out)
Asking for £45 please

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16 December 2007 @ 01:08 pm
It took over 11 hours of work but yay!

Here are the recent photos I've done for Bonnie as the Virgin Mary. I'm really pleased with them ^_^
we used all our own props to make the entire image (except the flowers in the border...that I made up of loads of flower pics I found online) Bonnie skinned the baby Jesus bunny & I decorated the heart with the flowers, blade & the candles. We were trying to go for something a bit religious kitsch but with our own twist on it & also we were heavily inspired by the work of Pierre et Gilles & of course, Catholic art of the sorrowful mother.
Massive thanks for Sam for doing being prop holder/ spotlight holder extraordinaire & for knowing how to make the fabric into the head dress :P You rock!


(I'll make a proper update about stuff in general later....)


...& A close up of the heart...


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03 November 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Fuck me I'm bored.... & hung over O so slightly lol.

Last night I spent at home by myself... what resulted was me being Very, very VERY bored & drunk on cider & J.D. I then decided it would be a good idea to draw on myself with my eyeliner which resulted in this:

O yes! I am one sexy mutha fucking bloke! :P Albeit ever so slightly Mediterranean & rapey looking....

Dom dressed as a guy

In other news I am feeling much more happy ^_^ been going out & having fun with my mates & have been enjoying my life. I've been going for walks about & enjoying all the beauty of the countryside in autumn, The forest was amazing the other day! Serene with only the movement & sound of leaves falling down from the sky & a symphony of colour... gold, browns, orange & red. Autumn always makes me want to paint & take sepia photos :)

I'm also beyond happy over what my lovely Nanny has managed to sort out for me ^_^ She has talked a local taxidermist into teaching me! I was so overjoyed when she told me this that I cried. It's something that I've been wishing to learn & do for so long & now it’s finally going to happen. The guy who's going to teach me knows it all like the back of his hand as he's been doing it for like 30 odd years, I couldn't hope for a better teacher. I still can't believe that he agreed to do it 0_0 as normally taxidermists are, as a rule, very clicky about their craft & not really willing to share it with other people. So I feel very fortunate about it & extremely grateful... it’s going to be so cool! 
The other day I also got a message from Adam Powell asking me to star in a music vid he'll be making for the band 'Architects' I'm super stoked about this as they are such a brilliant band & I love working with Adam, It's always so fun :D So should be filming it in different loacations over different weekends, which is also a bonus 'cos I get to drive to & visit new places, which is something I really like doing. So this is something for me to really look forward to... even if it is making me miss being in a band -_- Grrrr. I tried last year to be in a band again but it just wouldn't work out due to me having to work in the evenings. I hate my job for making me miss out on so much I love, I'm extremely sick of it! Ah well not long to go until I'll be quitting. New year, new start. I just want a 9-5 or something, working evenings is shit! So once that all happens I'm going to make a point of doing all the things that working evenings has prevented me from doing... So I will find another band to be in as It's something I have a real passion for & My vocals have gotten so much better since I first started ^_^ I still practice nearly everyday while driving to work & when I'm on my own at home hee he, I will attend much more gigs, do more art, Take up evening classes at college... & well, generally live my life more. It's going to be so liberating the day I hand my notice in!

Not got much planned this week... I;m going up London tomorrow for a family get together to celebrate my cousin's little boy's 1st birthday ^_^ he's so cute! & On Tuesday I'm going out to London for a 50's themed dinner & piss up with Bizarre magazine which should be really fun... was a mission to get work to let me have it off but I've luckily got my own way :P So going to go & meet up with some mates as well. I can't wait to see Laura again, it sucks that she lives so far away. O & sugar if yu're reading this I have your birthday prezzie that I'll bring with me. It's uber random hee hee.

Well anyhoo, not much else to say, just thought I'd update... I'm going to go sort out some more of my myspazz page now & get some food in me. I'm starving!


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21 July 2007 @ 05:07 pm
I did a botch job photoshoot with Blossom on Thursday evening.... I wanted to use my new canon cam, but alas the memory card I bought for it hadn't gotten there yet (& still isn't here! grrrr) So had to use Blossom's Nikon which was sadly a tad blurry & had a fair amount of noise in the images -_- But luckily did manage to get one good shot from it so I'm happy ^_^

Here it is:

Would have been much better if it was crystal clear & sharp but I'm still very happy with how this came out. I'm the master of salvaging photos :D *high fives*

Love ya Blossom, hope yu like it. Yu look like a pixie ^_^
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23 June 2007 @ 12:24 pm
Just wanted to make an update to let yu all know that I haven’t died. I’ve just been really useless (a.k.a busy) & haven’t gotten my ass online recently. I’ve only managed to snatch a few minutes here & there, in between working & rushing about sorting things like a mad women!.... It’s been a VERY hectic couple of months for me, so I’m really overjoyed that it’s now looking more & more like I’m going to have more ‘Me time’ & spare time to relax to do what I want & need to do ^_^
Just want to apologise *gets down on knees & begs!* to ulorin_vex for not making the T.G birthday ball… sadly life all went a tad tits up for me around that date & I couldn’t make it. I didn’t have any dollah & was having a few relationship issues etc at the time (all resolved now which is good…) So I’m really, really, REALLY sorry… & gutted that I didn’t go! But if yu’re going to The summer ball on the 7th july I’ll 100% defiantly be there as I’m going there for birthday celebrations (my birthday’s on the 12th) Should be a really good night :)
I’ve been feeling really GRRRRR recently because I’ve been so wrapped up in other things that I’ve neglected having much time to myself to create etc. I’m getting to the point where if I don’t get to have the spare time I’m going to totally turn psychotic lol. So I’m having pretty much all this weekend to myself to get on with my Artwork & projects which I’m really glad about because I’ve got lots of art I need to complete & I also need to start work on the designs for my pay site that I’m doing with a friend in North Walsham. July is looking set to be a busy one as far as taking photos go, because I need to shoot a shit load of content for it before we get it up & running!… I just hope the weather gets better so I can do some nice outdoor stuff for it. Global warming my ass! *shakes fist at the grey sky* the weather is really bugging me at the mo & I totally forgot about it being my birthday until like 2 days ago! I’m normally used to the weather around my birthday being stupidly hot & sunny yu see, so It doesn’t even feel like it’s the right time of year. All the rain we’ve been having is so damn depressing. I want sun! -_-
I’ve been doing some really exciting things over the last two months & life in general is fine & dandy for me right now. I feel like I’m in a really good place & that I’m slowly but surely achieving all my dreams & desires. I couldn’t wish for it to be any better which is such an ace feeling…. I’ve just got this amazing inner glow of happiness & contentment at the moment & I’m so at peace with myself/comfortable in my skin it almost scares me….But I do like the fact that I can place my hand on my heart & declare that I am truly happy. & what tops it all off is that it’s the kind of inner happiness that nothing or nobody else can take from me. It comes from inside me & only I can take it away… Kind of hard to describe but its very lovely ^_^ *smiles*
I’ve been up & down to London a few times for some photo shoots recently which have been cool… Worked with the ever lovely & talented Marc Blackie again on the 9th & got some really cool stuff done. We did a spanking pic where I was being spanked by a scarecrow which was fun (One of the shots from that set is going to be used in a photo book being bought out by Goliath publishing I do believe…) we also did a few other things involving menstrual blood & then some colour shots based around a bukkake theme! These were great fun I got to be covered by this bath cream that did look exactly like cum, called ‘heavenly milk’… I kid yu not it was called that! This was very amusing until it slowly worked it’s way into my closed eyes & stung like hell… but we managed to get quite a few wicked shots before I had to be led to the bathroom by Marc to wash the pseudo man-juice from my burning eyes…Ahhh all in the name of art eh?
Here’s one of the shots I pinched from Marc’s site, I haven’t been sent any of the others yet:

I like this shot a lot. It was my idea based around a piece of art work I did a while back called ‘The monthly Bleed’ Which was of a girl with her inner parts showing (like in a sex education book) then with blood running down her legs. I like how Marc’s shot & cropped this, I think it works really well.

I also went to London to do a cover shoot for Bizarre magazine with Aria Giovanni a few weeks back…This was the best photo shoot I’ve ever been on! The Bizarre guys are all such a laugh & Aria was the most beautiful & sweetest women I’ve ever met… A true Goddess incarnate! We both wore latex underwear & got sprayed with water to look all sweaty ha ha, was a VERY hot & sexy shoot… but not going to say much more; yu’ll all have to wait until the magazine comes out. I think it’s going to be the August issue. I can’t wait to see the results from the shoot printed in the mag, It’s going to be really cool, but odd to see my mug on the shelves on the local newsagents.
I’m going to have to paint Aria a portrait because she defiantly inspired me with her beauty & charisma. Was great to hang around with everyone after the shoot & getting pissed & stuffing our faces full of yummy Turkish/Moroccan food. Mmmmm hummus!
A few of the Bizarre team are coming down to the fine city of Norwich next week to do an article on the city for their little tour of Britan thang that they’re doing. I’m going to give them a guided tour of all the odd things around the place & show them the decent places to go when it comes to shops, clubs etc. I’ve managed to sort out quite a few things with the help of Kev for them to do whilst down here. We’re going to take them to Indigo Tattoo studio to let them see Kev get his genital beads inserted (Fuck that’s going to be funny!) & then we managed to blag our way into being let into spearmint rhino for free in the night time. This kicks ass because we’ll get money Put behind the bar by the manager & we talked them into letting us have permission to take photos in the establishment, which is something they normally NEVER do. So yeah, should all be a really fun filled day of mayhem & mischief…. Can’t wait!
Well going to be off for now as need to crack on with some house work & do some art… but I’ll write a more thoughtful update later… I’ve written this all at super speed ha ha. Oooo before I go looky at the prettiness I bought!!!!
It cost so much money but it’s soooo worth it! I’ve wanted this outfit forever, so finally bought it as a birthday gift to myself. I got it in black with red trim & I got the whole outfit as well! so it’s the neck corset, the corset, the straps, the kick ass pussy pants & also got some dildo pants with it. I love H-W design latex; they really do make the most amazing outfits. Can’t wait to put this on when it gets here ^_^
It looks like this:
Bye for now… *kisses*

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